Would like your business featured in front of 10s of thousands of local prospects every month? πŸ’°

Our new shopping marketplace and directory is ready to promote YOUR BUSINESS! πŸ›οΈ

We now have 2 options to choose from, to get professional marketing & promotional services for your business!

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Some Feedback And Results Our Preferred Vendors Are Getting Inside Our Facebook Group:

(We actively recommend our local Preferred Vendors under inquiry posts inside our Brampton Moms Facebook group. πŸ’œ)

With ShopJoy, your membership fees also get pooled so they can pay for professional Facebook and Instagram ads & marketing.

So now, you can get professional marketing for your small business, just like the big businesses… even on a small budget!

There is SO MUCH power in numbers…big businesses know this, and benefit greatly from what’s called “economies of scale”.

Here at ShopJoy, our goal is to leverage our pool of vendors so you each get more marketing power, and can benefit from economies of scale too, just like the big shops!


You can also create your own shop and sell your products and services directly on the ShopJoy platform, just like Etsy or Amazon…but without all the hidden fees.

You have full control of your online shop, and can make updates, add new items, promote holiday sales, and more…whenever you want!


What would active promotions, professional paid marketing, active recommendations...and these kinds of results do for *YOUR* business??

To join, just choose 1 option below & click that link to sign-up & become a Preferred Vendor!

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ShopJoy VIP Featured Vendor Membership **NEW** (Best Value!)

What you get as a ShopJoy VIP Preferred Vendor:

Everything in the ShopJoy Preferred Vendor membership (see the list in OPTION 2 below) PLUS:

πŸ’œ Banner feature on the ShopJoy website for the full month

πŸ’œ Your business *featured* in our paid Facebook & Instagram adsΒ 

πŸ’œ Your business *featured* in in our marketing e-mails, and blog posts

Total Price



ShopJoy Preferred Vendor Membership

What you get as a ShopJoy Preferred Vendor:

πŸ’œ To have your business featured on ShopJoy’s main Vendor page

πŸ’œ To have your own shop for your business on our ShopJoy Marketplace & Directory, to sell your products/services 24/7

πŸ’œ To benefit from our professional marketing, through paid Facebook & Instagram ads

πŸ’œ To have your business promoted on all our social media channels, and e-mail distribution list

πŸ’œ A private group with free marketing trainings and other resources, and exclusive giveaways

πŸ’œ Upcoming media features (on our YouTube channel, IG, TikTok, Facebook public page, and other local media outlets)

Total Price


ShopJoy Shop Done-For-You Service!

Let us create your ShopJoy shop FOR you

No time to create your ShopJoy shop yourself? Not great with tech? Let US create your ShopJoy shop FOR YOU! Just click Buy Now below to add this to your purchase.

All we’ll need is:

  • Your logo
  • Product/service images, and their pricing
  • Contact details
  • Social media links
  • Website link (if applicable)
  • Anything else you want to feature in your shop

We’ll have your ShopJoy shop ready within 3-5 business days turnaround time.

(*After purchase, please forward your receipt and also include all your details listed above to info@shopjoy.club)

Total Price



ShopJoy Preferred Vendor Post

What you get with a ShopJoy Preferred Vendor post:

πŸ’œ To promote your biz 1x in front of 11k+ prospects (1 single post in our private Facebook group)

Single Payment


Looking for more promotional opportunities? e-Mail us your needs, and we can create a custom promotional package for your business!

If you’re a non-profit organization that would like to be featured on ShopJoy, send us an e-mail about your organization.

Some brands we’ve created multiple custom campaigns for: